Aimee is Silicon Valley's premiere Psychic Medium.  Offering her services locally and globally, she specializes in communicating messages from your loved ones in the spirit world. She also offers psychic readings, energy healings and past-life soul readings.

Mediumship Reading

In a mediumship reading, I connect to the higher vibration of the Other Side.  There, we will have a conversation with your departed loved ones, delivering messages of love and healing.

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Psychic Reading

Psychic readings connect with your energies and help give you insight and guidance in your own life. My readings use a combination of tarot/oracle cards, crystals, and spirit guide communication to deliver messages to you. 

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Energy Healing


I work with energy medicine to rebalance your chakras, clear any blockages from your aura, provide physical healing, and provide any guidance or clarity you need as to how your energies are affecting your overall wellbeing.

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Access Your Past Lives

More valuable than ANY psychic reading, Soul Realignment readings access your Akashic Record to help you understand your soul's true nature and how choices you've made throughout your many lifetimes have helped to shape your current experiences!


I know this doesn’t bring our loved ones back to us in a “human” state, but it is nice to feel they are with us and we will be with them eventually in spirit.

— Cheryse, a client