About Me


Aimee the Medium

I have been communicating with spirits my entire life. The first time I saw and spoke to a spirit was when I was four years old.  I first practiced honing my psychic gifts at the age of 6 with a deck of playing cards, trying to predict which card I would turn over next (and then keeping a chart with my accuracy rate). I paid attention when my premonitions came true, and I was always aware of the spiritual energies around me. After I purchased my first tarot deck when I was 19, the passion for providing healing messages to others was ignited.

Many years later, after an intense meditation where I met my spiritual guide, Michael, I was told that my life's purpose was to connect people to their loved ones who had passed, and to serve spirit in as many ways possible through helping and healing others. I have since studied with many amazing spiritual teachers who are considered masters in their craft. I continue to develop and hone my own relationship with spirit so that I can be the best messenger for those who seek readings from me.

I love being able to offer my gifts, and I hope that my readings can bring joy, healing, learning, guidance, and hope to those that I read for.

  • Certified Spiritual Advisor (Medium) from Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development

  • Certified Reiki Master (Usui Method)

  • Mentorship in Spiritual Mediumship with Arthur Findlay College tutor Mavis Pittilla

  • In continued mentorship with Arthur Findlay College tutor Chris Drew

  • In continued mediumistic development with Austyn Wells Spiritual Medium

  • Certified in Law Enforcement Investigation

  • Former Psychic Advisor on California Psychics

  • Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner