They Still Check In...

I have a personal story to share as an example of how our loved ones can and do check in on us, and do what they can to let us know they are around.  While this is not an example of every method they use, it is meant to let you know what some of the possibilities are, in a very personal way.

I have a very special relationship with my Grandma.  She died a week before my 18th birthday, and I was asked to sing at her funeral.  At the time, my mediumship abilities were very suppressed - I tried to block it as much as possible.  So, when I was asked to sing at her funeral, I didn't even think about "spiritual interference," and I said yes.

I chose to sing "On Eagles Wings" (click here for a cover by Josh Groban) and made the mistake of standing in front of those assembled, directly next to my Grandma's coffin.  This was the first real death I had experienced in my life, and I wasn't prepared for what it meant.  As I sang the song, the immensity of what happened hit me, and I broke down crying.  My dad was a champion - he came up to me, held my throughout the song, and told me to just keep singing. I recovered myself and sang the song to completion.

After the funeral, a man I'd never seen before, and have never seen since, came up to me and said to me, "Your singing was beautiful." I said "Thank you," even though I didn't believe him (nor did I believe the 10 or so other people who had already given me the same compliment).  But he told me something the others didn't.  He said, "When we came out here to prepare the car to take the coffin to the cemetery, I looked up and saw an eagle circling the church. If that isn't proof that she heard you, and thought it was beautiful as well, then I don't know what is."  I couldn't believe it. I looked up in the sky, but the eagle was gone.

That afternoon, my brother and his girlfriend (now his wife) drove me home. On the long drive through the country, I kept playing the events of the day over in my mind, and the words the man said. I was so sad that I missed the eagle, and I wanted some validation that my grandma wasn't truly "gone".  I tearfully looked out the window of the car and there, flying alongside us, only about 30ft above the ground, was the most beautiful bald eagle I have ever seen.  I looked at it, and waved, and said a silent "Hi, Grandma," when the eagle circled one last time before flying away.  I have never doubted that it was her, giving me a sign.

15 years later, I was training with my spirit guide on how to properly connect to our loved ones who had passed.  He told me to practice with people that I knew.  I chose to practice with my Grandma, and I asked her about that day.  She confirmed that it was she who sent the eagle. She also told me that she enjoys "making the rounds" with the family.  She will visit each of us - usually in the evening or early morning - just to say hello and make sure we're doing okay.   And she has done this a lot - she will pop by my apartment and I'll see her and say "Hey!" and then she's off to the next family member!

Sometimes I don't actually see her, but I know she's there. She has:

  • Brought my dog that I grew up with (who LOVED her!) and I will hear her collar, or feel her walk on the bed
  • Given me the scent of her favorite candies
  • Let me "feel" her presence

About two weeks ago, I posted the following status update on my Facebook page:

Oct 22, 2014: Last night, I dreamed that I went to Scotland with my mom and my grandma. My mom and I were running (literally) everywhere and pausing for my grandma to catch up. Grandma said with a laugh, "You two go ahead and don't worry about me! I'll catch up. It's fun watching you two have fun." This dream was made even more special because my grandma passed away nearly 20 years ago. While she does "stop by" quite often, this is the first dream I've had with her in...oh, I think EVER. So thanks for stopping by my dream, Grandma. Mom and I will make that trip to Scotland soon enough and we'll save a set of running shoes for you!

As mentioned, this is the first time she's even visited in my dream.

One week later, October 31, 2014, my cousin sent me a private message via Facebook.  This is how the conversation went:

Cousin: Sooooo I have a question for you. Do you know if grandma came to visit me last night and/or a few weeks ago?

Me: She says she came by last night, and also said "So, you noticed that, did you?" Not surprising, she tends to make the rounds visiting the family.

Cousin: Aimee. I saw her!

Me: AWESOME!!!! Tell me all about it!!!

Cousin: It was weird. I was falling asleep and I guess I sat up. I don't remember sitting up. It was like I just woke up sitting and staring at the window. I didn't really see her but I knew there was a woman there. I just stared for a minute and then told myself I should lay down so I did. But I felt really heavy. I layed there for a minute trying to see who it was. But then I had to get up and walk around.

Then today, Nov 4,2014 I received the following text message from my sister-in-law (the one mentioned above at the funeral):

I think Grandma Edna visited yesterday morning. I felt like she was here, but was busy and didn't pursue it. This morning I asked my spirit guide and I think she was here probably with my daughter.

As mentioned, I've always known that she checks up on us, but never has she been so visible to the rest of the family!  It's now been 17 years since her passing, but she feels as close as ever - and clearly IS making the rounds!

So know that your loved ones are always close to you, and they want you to know that they are there, that they care, and that they are looking out for you!

This is my beautiful Grandma!

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