How I Communicate with Spirit

I recently gave a psychic reading to a client who asked me, “I would love to know how you do what you do. Do you receive answers from a Spirit Guide connected to the person asking, or it is a group of your own personal Guides?” I felt that this was a great question and thought it would be helpful to share the information here, for others who are curious (or who want to develop their own gifts).

 The short answer is: I do both, and then some!

 When I give a psychic reading, I am connecting not only with your energy (your auric field), but also with both my guides, and yours, to deliver the messages that are needed. Believe it or not, we each carry a lot of information in our own energy field, and even people who say they have no gifts can sometimes pick up on this. Have you ever walked in a room where two people have just been fighting?  You may not know exactly what happened, but you can feel that the air is charged, and can probably pick up enough of that energy to know that something happened.  It’s a similar situation when I connect to your auric field, though as a trained psychic, the information I receive tends to be more precise.

As I mentioned, I also connect with my guides and yours. I have a whole team of guides who I’ve been introduced to over time, but there is only one who specifically aids me in my readings. His name is Michael and it is from him that I’ve learned the majority of my spirituality. I call him my “Gatekeeper” guide. I imagine that he stands at the gate between me and spirit, and his job is to help me connect to whomever I need to at any time. This goes for both psychic readings and mediumship readings.

 When I give you a psychic reading, once I pick up information from your aura (say, that job interview you’re waiting to hear back from…), I will connect to Michael and ask him if there is any guidance from the other side on this issue. He will connect to your guides and either relay the information to me (like a game of “telephone”), or allow me to speak directly to them. Often, their information gives a bit more insight into the situation (“They’re interviewing more candidates, so she’ll just have to wait a little longer to hear back”) or helps direct the client to the more important issues that they are maybe not even aware of (“I know she’s worried about the interview, but really, it’s not the job that matters. She can work anywhere. What she needs to do is get her kids out of that school they’re in.”)

 By working with this combination of energy, I start to paint the big picture of what’s been happening, and where things are headed, given the current environment. And that’s what comes out in your reading.

 Now, I mentioned earlier that I work with my guide, Michael, in mediumship readings as well. However, I don’t always work with your guides in a mediumship reading. Nor do I work specifically with your auric field. Instead I am assisted by Michael to connect to the spirits of loved ones who have crossed over.  In this case, it really IS like a game of telephone, as Michael and I are the “operators” who simply connect the call between you and that special someone.  Yes, your spirit guides may show up if they have specific information that you must know about your personal life, but more often than not, it’s just you, me, Michael, and your loved ones having a conversation.

 Michael, my guide, is always an integral part of both types of readings. He helps me when I get “stuck” on something, or when information is coming through too quickly or too fragmented for me to understand it. He helps translate (literally!). He helps me to open more fully to receive information in new and exciting ways.  And he’s always encouraging me to trust the information I receive.  And on top of all that, he’s a GREAT teacher who is always happy to teach me something new, or to teach others what I have learned.

I will close by saying that Michael has a few words of his own to add, for anyone who is thinking of developing their gifts or finding their own path to spirit:

“You all have the gift inside you. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Why do you doubt what you see, or hear, or feel? You would not be given these gifts if they were not meant to be used. No, you won’t get it the first time, or the second time, or even the 100th time. It took Aimee over 30 years to really start listening to her gift. But she started. And that’s the first step. Your guides are there to help you through your life. To help you grow, develop, change and learn. Allow them this, and you will see your life open to you in ways you never imagined. We are here to guide you. We are here to watch over you. Listen to us, and we listen to you.”

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