Phone Readings Really Do Work

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is, "Are in-person readings better than telephone readings?"  The answer is a definitive NO. Neither reading is better than the other; both are equally effective.

All my readings are about connecting to energy.  It is the type and "level" of energy that makes a mediumship reading different from a psychic reading. But in either case, the energy is something that's pervasive and can be accessed regardless of time and space.

Mediumship readings connect to the higher plane of spirit. You often hear people talk about "raising their vibrations," when doing psychic or mediumship readings. For example, if you want to speak your great grandmother, who passed when you were two, I can connect to the energy of spirit, and to the energy of your great grandmother.  This can be done in any time and any place, as the realm of "spirit" (heaven, the afterlife, whatever you want to call it), is all around us all the time.  It exists at a different vibrational frequency, and a trained medium is able to adjust their own energetic vibration to match the vibration of the spirit realm.

So, a phone reading for mediumship works perfectly because of this.  Imagine telephoning an operator who sits in front of a closed door.  Behind that door sits all your loved ones. When the phone is connected, the operator (the medium) simply opens the door and allows your loved ones to speak.

Psychic readings are a little different, because instead of raising vibrations to connect to spirit energy, it is the psychic's job to connect to your own energy.  As mentioned before, we each vibrate at our own frequency, energetically speaking. (side note: all things vibrate energectically - this article highlights a famous example of vibrational resonance) When someone is with someone - in their physical presence - humans naturally tend to read the energies of each other without even noticing. But sometimes, you can notice the effects of this.  For example, if you're in a crowded room, you may begin to feel uncomfortable or nervous.  You may make eye contact with someone and get an ominous feeling.  You may lie arm in arm with your lover and feel safe and protected.  You may not be aware, but you're reading energy around you.

A few weeks ago, I received my blu-ray copy of the movie Austenland.  I was on the phone with a friend when I got it, and excitedly told her I was going to watch it that evening.  My friend (who was 400 miles away), wistfully stated, "I wish I was there so I could watch it too."  And then an idea struck me.  We both have iPads, so I suggested we open up a FaceTime session and watch the movie together. I propped my iPad up so the camera was facing my television screen and started the movie.  My friend was able to watch the movie on her device, as if she were in the room with me.  Occasionally, one or both of us would make a comment or laugh. I couldn't see her, she couldn't see me, but at the end of the movie we both agreed that it felt as if we were sitting in the same room together, watching the movie side by side.

She was 400 miles away, but I felt like I could have handed her a piece of popcorn, our energies felt so close.

That's a bit how a telephone reading works for a psychic - distance doesn't matter; it's the energy that matters.  And it is something that can be felt no matter where you are.  The example I just gave is a simple example of unintentional connection, and is something many people do - everytime they call a friend, skype, facetime, etc. You connect to each other without even realizing.  A psychic does the same thing, but does it with intention. They also have the added benefit of being able to connect to spirit guides in the spirit realm (a vibrational shift) in order to assist in giving you the information needed in a reading.

So the next time you wonder if it's better to do an in-person reading or phone reading, your decision should come down to you and what you're more comfortable with.  You may like being in the same physical space as the person who is reading for you; so an in-person reading would be ideal.  Likewise, you may feel nervous being in the presence of the reader, so a phone reading may make you feel more comfortable.  Trust that in either case, you will get an equally thorough reading from a well trained psychic or medium.

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