When the Connection is Made......Later

Recently, I gave my mom a reading to stay in practice. I brought her mom, my grandmother, through, and asked grandma to share details with my mom about things I couldn't know.  At one point, among stories of my mom's childhood, Grandma mentioned that my mom had some of her jewelry, and it was unique.  She said the jewelry would never be something my mom wore, but my mom would keep it safe, in a special box. She referred to a ring. My mom agreed that she did have a special, unique ring from her mom, she did keep it in a special box. 

After my grandmother mentioned her ring, she then showed me a visual of multiple coins, similar to this image:

Grandma drew my attention close to the faces on the coins, as if it were not the coins themselves that were important, but the faces on them.  Not quite understanding what she was getting at, I asked my mom if the ring had faces on it?  My mom said no, no faces.  I said "hmm…she keeps referring to her jewelry with faces, like on the coins." We couldn't figure out what she was getting at, as my mom was sure she only had the one ring. Was it not about the faces, but the different sizes? Or different types of metal?  My mom thought it could be the stones on the ring - there were 3 different ones. But neither of us felt it really fit. After this, we moved on in the reading and the coins didn't come up again.

As I recently learned from Mavis Pattilla, from whom I am being mentored in my mediumship, there are many times that details come through in a reading that we don't understand or resonate with in the moment. This doesn't always mean they're wrong.  Sometimes, we remember the meaning at a later time.

A week after the reading, my mom was home doing some house cleaning, and she saw the box that she kept her mom's ring in.  Since we had just talked about it in the reading, my mom opened the box to look at the ring.  On top of the ring, in the box, my mom saw another piece of jewelry that she simply didn't remember she had inherited.  It was an old charm bracelet of my grandma's, with a charm for each of her grand kids:

Immediately, my mom remembered back to the coins in the reading, and she knew exactly what my grandma was trying to communicate at the time. In that moment, my mom felt so much closer to her mom than she had in years.  By sharing the bracelet with me, I also learned more about how and why our loved ones bring through messages the way that they do.  I didn't know about the charm bracelet, and there was no chance my grandma could have shown it to me in a way that would have highlighted it's uniqueness other than showing me a collection of coins.

If you ever receive a reading from a medium, and you don't fully understand a message, let yourself ruminate on it.  You never know when those details may suddenly make perfect sense.

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