A Mother's Love from Beyond

One of the most important lessons my spiritual teachers and mentors have imparted on me is, "The spirit world has an infinite intelligence."  While this broadly means that our departed loved ones are highly aware of the goings-on of our lives, it also means that they will do what they can to align things in such a way that they can get a message through precisely when you need it most.

I had an experience recently that reminded me of this, and wanted to share it here.

As part of my current mentoring program, several other mediums and I get together on a regular basis to practice with each other.  The format is such that one medium will bring a spirit through, and the remaining mediums will state whether they can relate to the spirit who has come through. During this particular practice, one of the mediums brought through a woman who had been with her since the morning and was adamant she had a message for someone in the group.

As she described this woman, I couldn't help but recognize that she was describing the mother of one of my very best friends, Jen.  I told the medium as much, and let her know that I would pass the messages on to her daughter.

Just after the reading, I called Jen to tell her the news. She openly wept on the phone as she explained to me how much my phone call meant to her.

She told me that just the night before, she had been watching a replay of the Facebook Live video I had done with Lori Shen.  As she watched the video, she was overcome with grief, missing her mom.  She told me that she had spoken to her mom while she watched the video and said, "Mom, I really need to hear from you! Please, can get through to Aimee tomorrow?"

And she did.  How did she do it?

My friend's mother heard her impassioned plea and determined she needed to get a message to her daughter through me.  She know (quite rightly) that if she came to me directly, I probably wouldn't have understood the importance of the message.  She also knew (infinite knowledge) that I'd be practicing with other mediums during the day, so she made certain she made contact with a medium who was best suited to deliver the message.

So, what about the other medium?  Well, just after the practice was complete, she messaged me on Facebook to give me even more information from my friend's mom.  She punctuated the message with the blue butterfly emoji: 🦋  I told her that she may not be aware, but blue butterflies are my friend's most favorite thing!  Below is the medium's response. I think it sums up just why we do what we do, and what it means both to us and our clients:



So please, never doubt that your loved ones are with you, hear you, and want you to know that you are supported and loved.  They may not always come through as perfectly as this mom did, but they will always do their best.

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