Intuitive Energy Healing


Much of our physical and emotional stress can be attributed to an imbalance in our personal energies. In an intuitive energy healing, I will work with reiki energy medicine to re-balance your chakras, clear any blockages from your aura, provide physical healing, and provide any guidance or clarity you need as to how your energies are affecting your overall well being. Additionally, I will provide you with psychic insights and impressions that I receive during the healing work.


Intuitive Energy Healing - $160

Healings can be done in-person or remotely. Remote healings will include a follow-up phone conversation to review the healing.

  • Healings last approximately 60 minutes.

BioMat Add-On - $40

Supplement your in-person Intuitive Energy Healing by adding the BioMat to your session, enjoying the warmth of Far Infrared Rays while I work to balance your energies. Choose this add-on when you book your healing.

BioMat Session - $75

During these 60-minute sessions, you will relax in a darkened room with a peaceful soundtrack accompaniment while allowing the Far Infrared Rays to assist in healing your body on a cellular level.

Crafted by highly skilled scientists and engineers, the BioMat uses a combination of electricity, fabrics, and amethyst stones to generate Far Infrared Rays which are then transferred to the body as heat.

The mat provides warmth and relaxation similar to the energy that radiates from the sun. These rays not only benefit muscles on the surface of the body but all cells in the deepest part of the body.

Use of the BioMat can result in:

  • Relief of Muscle Pain, Joint Pain and Stiffness

  • Increased and Improved Circulation

  • Reduced Stress and Fatigue

  • Cellular Level Healing through Support of the Immune System

  • Improved and Restful Sleep

  • Reduced Inflammation



Pamper Yourself with Four Healing Sessions for the Price of Three

A $640 Value for just $480