Intuitive Development Mentorship Program


In pursuit of our spiritual gifts, finding the right teacher who can guide you on your path is key. Let me act as your mentor as you as you journey through your intuitive development. 


4-Month Intuitive Development Mentorship PROGRAM - $740

Do you feel called to develop your own intuitive gifts?  Perhaps you've been working to develop your "gut feeling" and learning to trust it more; perhaps you have seen spirits and want to learn to communicate more clearly with them. Let me help you!

My Intuitive Development Mentorship Program is designed for those who are just getting started on their intuitive journey, and for those who have been working on their development but feel stuck, or want to explore new areas of development to make them a more well-rounded intuitive.   I will work to understand your unique abilities and will cater to develop your gifts in a way that works for you!  This mentorship is ideal for anyone who wants to work on improved psychic connection, energy healing, spirit communication, and more!

This one-on-one private mentorship program will give you access to me, my experiences, my teaching and my support to you.

The Intuitive Development Mentorship Program is a 4-Month Cycle.

Included in the 4-Month Mentorship:

  • 60-minute Bi-Monthly Online Check-Ins with Me (8 Total)

  • Intuitive Exercises and Homework

  • Lessons to Understand How the Spirit World Works

  • Lessons to Get to Know and Work with Spirit Guides and Supporters

  • Suggestions and Lessons on Spiritual "Tools" (i.e. tarot cards, dowsing rods, pendulums, etc)

  • Access to Various Guided Meditations

  • ...and More! All content will be catered to YOU and your unique gifts and desired learning!

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Single Coaching Session - $100

Alternatively, I also offer one-time coaching sessions for those who need a little nudge, but who are mostly satisfied with their own development trajectory and don't need regular check-ins. These coaching sessions will be a time for you to tell me where you need help, and for me to make suggestions to help you work through any blocks.  Single coaching session last 60-minutes.