You will never truly know how much you have changed my life for the better. My feelings are indescribable. Thank you for sharing your ability with people. My time with you was completely life altering and I am so thankful for it.
— Haylie B.

Happy Clients


I have known Aimee for close to 13 years, and she is one of the only mediums I have complete confidence in. While her skills have been honed over the years, her core ability is significant and profound. Every reading I have had with her, proves her abilities beyond any doubt to me. I strongly encourage working with her, if you have anyone you would like to contact.

— Joel


I never had a reading before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a great experience. It was more than I expected and I felt like I connected with my aunt, which I have been wanting to do for a long time. Before, I was unsure if it would be easy to identify who was there and what they wanted to tell me.But it was exactly like having a normal conversation with anyone else in my life. I am so glad that I decided to do the reading. I will definitely tell people about [Aimee]!


Thank you for doing our reading!! Funny thing, I didn’t want to give any information to you before the reading because of (typical) skepticism. But I have to say, now that I KNOW you have a connection. Also, you were right with so many messages. The messages about my mother were very accurate and comforting. I know this doesn’t bring our loved ones back to us in a “human” state, but it is nice to feel they are with us and we will be with them eventually in spirit.


The reading was incredible. First off I was surprised that anyone would have "known" so much about the things that have happened in my life without being specifically told about them. Then to be given a way to "correct" issues from the past that were still holding me back was GREAT!

— Shane B.


Hi Aimee, Thank you for the reading – a lot of it did sound like my Father. I loved him very much & didn’t always show it...I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me – it really has helped me not grieve for him as much! God Bless you, dear one!


It was a pleasure meeting you, specially taking the time to answer all my questions and concerns. It was emotional but I feel so much better specially knowing I am on the right track.  Thanks again for bringing your gift.

— Vivianna

You are amazing. I have been sharing all of the news with my family, and it is so helpful for us right now. You have no idea how far your gift has reached. :-)


Hello Aimee, I just want to thank you for such a beautiful reading!! I know I will do this again with you before 6 months!! Everything u told me hit so close to the bone was beautiful!! Thank’s again



Thank you so much for the wonderful and supportive reading. It was amazing how you were able to get right to the heart of the issues and concerns without any information from me....

— T.O.

I will admit I went in a little skeptical, little afraid and wondered how Aimee would connect with me and my energy over the phone. But as soon as we begun and she started talking...she had me won over. I would definitely recommend Aimee.

— Hilary W.

Aimee, I’m thankful for your gift and I am incredibly grateful that you were able to shared them with me this evening. May God bless you in everyway and may all your hopes, dreams and desires become reality. I look forward to seeing you again. Many Blessings and Thanks.


I just want to let you know I was a little skeptic at first but after, I was a believer by far! My life has forever changed since that day, and I’ve experienced my Grandma’s presence.

— Casey


I’m super happy with how it went. It made a big difference hearing what you had to tell me. I feel sooo much better and more energized. I can not tell you how much it means to me to know that I have David with me like this. It makes me miss him less and if Im really still, I can hear him in my head. I am so grateful that you were put in my path!!

— Deirdra

I've never had an experience like this before. This reading was truly amazing and has given me insight into myself, my soul, and what I'm capable of when I'm in proper alignment. I was amazed to hear the background information about my creation, what my soul has chosen to focus on in this lifetime, what some of my specialties are, what some of my roadblocks have been. Most of all, I've been given some tools to clean up and sort of "cleanse" my record, better allowing me to focus on my strengths and purpose. I feel I've been given the gift of a lifetime. Thank you Aimee for appearing in my life - you are a gift.

— Julie B

Aimee is very professional and I am still mind blown how she does what she does. As she was doing the reading, my reactions and behaviors in certain situations just started making sense. I’m really happy I was open to trying this reading and am definitely going to have Aimee do other readings for me and would suggest anyone who can’t pinpoint why they react/behave in a certain way to connect with Aimee for a reading.

— Ballori S.

Aimee was able to connect with my best friends spirit and provide very specific & unique details of memories of our time together, as well as giving answers to lingering questions. Aside from the memories, Aimee was able to relay her silly/awkward personality and describe her very unique laugh. I did not have any reservations at the beginning of my reading, but I was still surprised at the amount of very particular details.



Aimee, Your information is always comforting, and that’s what I’m looking for. Always a great reading! 

— Sylvia

The people who came thru to speak with me are the ones that will always be in my heart!! Aimee you are the best and thats why I keep coming back!!

— Nancye

I feel so good about our session and I’ve shared some of it with my sister, esp. stuff about mom. Thanks again. Till the next time.......... (and P.S. Love is Timeless).


Aimee has a true gift.  With an incredibly warm heart she cares deeply about her connection between spirit and those with whom she works. She says she is ‘just the messenger’, though in my experience she is so much more.



Thank you for this amazing experience; I will cherish it always!

-Linda M.

I attended a Group Reading with Lori and Aimee, and it was truly incredible to see them at work. When family members of mine came through, Lori and Aimee knew things about them that no one could possibly know which provided absolute validation. Time and again, I got to witness two talented mediums bring healing to participants as their loved ones delivered heartwarming messages. One of the best parts of attending Lori and Aimee's Group Reading is that you get two mediums in one session, which increases your chances to have one of your family members come through. I would highly recommend Lori and Aimee and will be attending another one of their Group Readings very soon!

— Randa M.